H & R    

In 2005, I moved to NYC with two suitcases and a dream to work for a big publishing house (read: I moved to NYC and had to work as a hostess in a snooty restaurant on the Upper East Side for a year before having to settle for an internship at a big publishing house as a 26-year-old with a masters degree).  One day, while hating my life as hostess, in strolled a new server – big sweatshirt, hood up, baggy jeans.  Trouble.  And to me, that equaled swoon.  Turns out, trouble had an incredible (Midwestern) work ethic that got me interested (weird?).  Trouble had attended NYU (a nerdy Midwestern girl’s dream), and was maybe the sweetest guy I’d ever met.  Fast forward to now: trouble dresses like a respectable man, I got a real job in publishing (and promptly left the publishing industry), and we moved to Boston in November of 2008.  In December 2008, I got myself a shiny, pretty ring.     

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